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When it works its great.

Once you figure out how to navigate this app, its great. However, it seldom works perhaps giving up to date info once a week. It constantly loses internet connection and is unable to update. Sometimes you think you are looking at a current forecast and its weeks old.


I love this cube its fun to watch the weather

Problems, recurrent no connection

Simple and clear weather interface. Currently not working. 5/29/16 Error says, "No connection with the weather-service." Same problem February 2016.

Worked well for a while, broke now

The app worked very well for a while, and older version seems to be working still on my iPad 1. Not so on my iPad Air with iOS 9+. The app cant connect, and is currently a useless waste of space.

Stopped working on 6s latest update

Worked great until latest update. Now weather cannot connect at all, app is currently useless until patched.

Last 2 Updates

App is currently useless. Will not connect to the weather service. WHEN WILL YOU FIX THIS?????

Weather Cube

This app is cool it does not need Internet connection also Its accuracy is great also this App MUST GET 5 STARS

Sorry, Agree With the Others

Ive had this app since it first appeared and at that time showed much promise. The developer promised big things, but never delivered. Just a lot of doubletalk and poor attempt at humor. Much of the time it tells me I have no internet connection, which I always do, and in the same sentence it says connection not needed. Well I need the space on my iPad and since this app has nothing going for it, will next to become history.

Simple, cute

I havent had the connection difficulties other reviewers have had, but perhaps thats because Im running it on a old-by-current-day-standards iPad Air. It takes a little getting used to which direction to swipe, and theres minimal customization. However, its free, and given that there hasnt been a major update since 4/2014, its likely to stay that way with minimal updates.

Great job product team

Congrats to all you designers, engineers, and product people behind this great app. Thank you!


Dont get the fiction if some icons there and this app keep telling me that there is no internet connection although Im connected to wifi

Neat concept, but locations need work

The app needs to show states/countries when searching by city name. For example, if I search for Durham, Ill see multiple options that *may* be Durham, NC, or England. Same with Marion - is it the one in North Carolina or the one in Indiana?


I am very upset. Disgusting application. I have downloaded it, have looked at weather in the city, there have been written that it is solar, temperature good, not really low and when I left all sky was in clouds and then it started to rain. Even hasnt taken an umbrella. Thanks for the spoiled day.

Not accurate

It was a good app until bugs appeared. It has a simple design, but its not accurate at all.And I have problems with connection from time to time.

Groooos Bug !!

Impossible douvrir lapp une fois chargée. Aussitôt desinstallee. Franchement...

Simply perfect !!

Simply perfect !!

Where is Celsius option!?

Excellent app, but definetly needs Celsius option.

Muito bom!

App showw


app mt bom, simply n light !

Great design; accurate info!

Theres no more to say about it: the best weather App ever!

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